Our story

Vinarija RAJ is based in Eastern Serbia in the Negotin Krajina area that for centuries has been known as an ideal region for growing grapes and producing wine. Kraijna Wine was one of Europe’s largest wine companies, and the lands around Negotin and Zajecar were completely covered with vineyards. This rich heritage, of the culture of grape growing and wine production, has been developed and cultivated for decades in this part of Eastern Serbia.

Building on the specific culture of wine typical for this region, Vinarija RAJ, is using varieties that traditionally succeeded in this area, primarily Red Tamjanika, White Tamjanika and Game.

Visit the winery

Visit the winery, where you can see the complete modern production from the processing of grapes to the bottling of wine. Our small team creates this product from start to finish.

Every visit to the winery includes a tour of the production facility and a tasting with optional catering.

Our wines
zenit - vinarija raj

Raj Winery presents RAJ ZENIT, a white wine made of Semillon, a grape originating in France. We can boast that we are one of the few winemakers in Serbia who can offer enjoyment in this wine variety. The wine is crystal clear, it has varietal aroma, & is pleasant and smooth.


Raj Winery presents Raj RONZE, wine made from the Game variety (Gamay), and harmonious blends of selected red grape varieties. The wine is crystal clear, pink, has a varietal fruity scent, smooth structure, & good consistency of aroma. Recommended serving at temperature from 10°C to 12°C.

Premium Game

Game originates from the hilly terrain and gentle slopes above the village of Rajac from the famous Rogljevac-Rajac vineyards. Premium Game aged for over a year in barrique and in a 500l oak barrel, and even longer in a bottle. The wine has a rememberable character, varietal fruity aroma with finely integrated oak tones. We recommend dishes with mushrooms, red pepper, also game or steak. For dessert, it is best combined with chocolate and cherry.


RAJ SOVA provides a refined atmospheric Sauvignon Blanc. The wine is a bright straw-yellow colour, crystal clear and has a discreet varietal aroma, but very complex character. One can sense aromas of peach and quince, imbued with subtle tones of acacia. The taste is full, robust and lively, embodying soft, vibrant acids.

Crna Tamjanika

RED (Known as Black) TAMJANIKA is an ancient grape variety, rare in the world, and a characteristic wine of our area of Eastern Serbia. In this region it has been grown since the middle of the XIV century. The wine is a powerful red, with an intense muscular flavour, a full and balanced taste with excellent persistence of aroma.


With more than 260 sunny days per year Game (Gamay), from our vineyards, reactivates the old flavour and spirit of the times in which an authentic and rich culture of wine was fostered. The wine has a dark ruby colour, varietal aroma and is fruity. The taste is characterized by fullness, alcoholic strength and balanced acids that highlight the fruitiness and a moderate bitterness.


RAJ Winery proudly presents its blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot varieties. In the meeting of authentic wine culture and modern technology, a closed red wine was created, with a complex aroma in which cherry and blackberry are recognized, imbued with discreet tones of noble oak.

Bela Tamjanika

The hue of this wine is a luminous straw-yellow, brilliantly clear and gleaming in the light. Its bouquet is a testament to the Muscat varietal, with an alluring aroma that tantalizes the senses. On the palate, its velvety smoothness and gentle complexity create a truly pleasurable experience. This wine is not merely to be consumed, but rather to be absorbed, as one becomes enraptured by its refined essence.